Truth. One of the only things I disagree with Ayn Rand about - that we are gods and our true natures are heroic. Sadly, this is only found to be accurate in fiction.

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Sep 16, 2022Liked by John Hawkins

Excellent piece, John. So perfectly on point, that I'm proud of you for stating these truths. Thank you for making your beliefs public so clearly and unequivocally! I do believe that demonically possessed people "do what they will" because they "feel" that there will never be an accounting when they die. But the internet meme is off target because through Christianity we learn what is right in order to live better, not just to earn a reward after we die. The sad thing is, many of the freedoms we have in America were based on a moral, God-fearing citizenry, and as we move away from that requirement, we see chaos, violence, and anarchy. God bless you; I wish ELCA ministers had your clarity of thought and strength of conviction.

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