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The Evidence of America’s Deep Decline is All Around Us

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America Needs to Focus More on Merit and Less on “Fairness”

5 Reasons Why a 2nd American Civil War May Never Happen

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The Left’s Compulsive, Circular Argument About Racism

If Liberals Don’t Stop Supporting Riots, Kyle Rittenhouse May Be the First of Many

Feminist Says That Women Regret Having Kids

Elon Musk vs. The Takers

Self-Defense in America: Kyle Rittenhouse vs. Ahmaud Arbery vs. Trayvon Martin

The 5 Reasons It’s Too Late to Fix America's Spending Before the Country Goes Over the Cliff

40 Bizarre Things Liberals Have Called Racist

How Do You Find the Truth in a Society Full of “Boys Who Cry Wolf?”

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Complacency May Soon Be the Death of America

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America’s Broken Relationship with Shame, Fame, and Narcissism

5 Devastating Potential Consequences of America Breaking Up

Most People and Nations Fail Because Success is Slow, Boring and Hard

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5 Nightmare Scenarios That Could Lead to the United States Breaking Up

Why the United States is Becoming Less Conservative

The Age of Self-Created Problems

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Why Does It Only Matter When Some People Are Offended?

American Lives Without Purpose

American Culture Has Divorced Sex from Love, Procreation, and Morality. Is That Really an Improvement?

The 10 Things Every American Needs to Think About Before the SHTF

The Primary Cultural Factor Making Our Government So Incompetent 

Why is There so Much Pressure on Young Women to Have Sex?

What I Would Tell a Teenager Thinking of Transitioning Who Asked for My Advice About What He/She Should Do

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